iPhone Dev-Team Updates RedSn0w to Jailbreak iOS 6 GM Seed

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The iPhone Dev-Team has updated RedSn0w to perform a tethered jailbreak of iOS 6 GM Seed.

The "dev4" version covers all the betas and yesterday's 6.0 GM seed. There are some remaining issues with Cydia and fundamental modules like PreferenceLoader, so it remains an openssh-style developer-only release only for now!

Apple released iOS 6 GM Seed to developers earlier today following the unveiling of the iPhone 5.
 redsn0w 0.9.13dev4 --> mac

redsn0w 0.9.13dev4 --> windows

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Useful Hidden Codes for your iPhone

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There are several hidden codes in mobiles which are unknown to mass of end users. These codes help users to go to some unseen menus, data etc. Like other mobile phones our beloved iPhone also have some hidden codes which provide technical support in several sections like SIM, network, calling, identification etc.

We have mentioned the complete list of codes below, their working and brief introduction to those codes.

Note: Simple procedure to use these codes is to dial these codes through your iPhone and press “call” button.

*#21# – This code is used to get data associated to calls and SMS like call forwarding, SMS, data calls etc. Technique as explained before is to dial this code and press “call” button.

*3001#12345#* - Network of cells and strength of signals and its relevant internal operating information is displayed when this code is entered followed by “call” button.

*#06# – This is one of the most famous and popular codes with its widespread usage.  It shows IMEI number which is specific and unique to every cell phone. Telephone operator can identify this IMEI number along with SIM information.

##002# – Please enter this code to deactivate all kinds of call diverts.

*#33# – All records related to outgoing calls can be retrieved by using this code.

*#67# – Whenever phone is engage this code can be utilized to display information call

*#43# - For all type “waiting” services like call or SMS call waiting, fax call waiting and data call waiting this value is used  with “call” button afterwards.

*#30# – If you want to hide or display your identity during calls you can use this code. You can enable or disable your identification while calling. Your cell phone number is exposed when you activate this service and hidden if you deactivate the same.

CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable GoPhoto.it
CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable GoPhoto.itwas Enabled

My Phone A818 duo Hard Reset

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HOLD Call Button + Volume UP And Then Press Power On, When The Phone Turn On, Release Power Button but Continue Holding Call And Volume Up Button..

Phone TUrn In to Recovery Mode

Select Wife Data/Factory RESET

Samsung omnia I8000 hard reset

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1. Turn OFF the phone
2. Press VolumeUp and Lock buttons + press Call and HangUp
3. Phone Vibrate and turn on
4. Release all buttons
Choose CALL to FORMAT.

galaxy pocket ( S5300) hard reset

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- hard reset

- hold power On+ volume up + Home button

Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 Hard reset

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1. turn off the device if it is stuck then try to pull out the battery for a minutes and then put it back in.

2. press down the home key and the power buttons together

3.then release only power button but keep pressing home key about 5 sec.until you see recovery menu

4. now a menu appear give you the options to fastboot,recovery,clear storage,and simlock.select clear storage.use
the volume down button to navigate the menu.

5.then press and release the power button.

6.finally wait for your device to boot.